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How To Keep A Sustainable Garden

Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to live a sustainable life from their own backyard? Not only is it great for the environment and the current world we live in, but it also works out as being a lot cheaper too. Think about it, how much do you spend on average every week or month on fruit and vegetables alone? Now, the price of a seed costs pennies, and that one seed can create endless amounts of that same product. So essentially, you could live off of what you grow, and only need to go shopping for the bare essentials that you’re not able to produce yourself.

Here’s how.

Plant some plants

It’s as easy as digging a little hole in the soil and dropping in a seed. Now of course, you need to know that things won’t miraculously grow and be ready to consume overnight – it takes time, and different breeds flower during different times of the year, so you need to do a little research on what to plant when. But as soon as you get the gist of it, it can be really quite simple. Essentially all you need is a little sun and water, and the rest is up to mother nature, but you can help by making sure nothing is overcrowded or diseased, as that can then affect other plants around it.

Adopt some animals

You could even go as far as bringing a few animals in if you have the extra space. Animals are able to provide you with so much. Imagine waking up to fresh eggs in the morning for your breakfast – it doesn’t get much better than that. So have a look at some steel field shelters so that you know they’ll be safe and protected and not have to worry about any other threats when the sun goes down. People seem to think that keeping animals is expensive, but really the only money that you’re putting in on a regular basis is for food, and when bought in bulk, you save a lot anyway, so there’s no reason this option won’t be an affordable one.

Create a compost

A lot of people are put off by composts because they tend to smell and aren’t very pleasant to deal with, but if you’re able to get over that – you’re in for a treat. Compost is like the magical potion for plants. It holds so much nutrients that plants feed off, which makes them grow even bigger and stronger. You can buy it from local garden centers, but you can’t get better than making one up yourself. All you need to do is keep a bin or large container (with a lid on!) down the bottom of your garden, and keep adding waste to it. This means dead plants and flowers, grass cutting, weeds, old fruit and veg along with their peelings and skin too.


So now you know what you can do to get on the right track, start creating your sustainable garden, and enjoy the process while you’re at it.


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