How to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

How to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

The kitchen is the room that you can never get your guests out of. It’s also where meals are prepared and shared, food and beverages are stored, conversations are had, and in some cases, where homework is completed. When your kitchen serves so many purposes, you need to be able to maximize its space. Not having the proper layout, storage, or countertop space makes it nearly impossible to get things done. Whether the issue is limited space or lack of resources, these suggestions below can help you to design a more functional kitchen.

Rearrange Your Appliances

It’s common to move from the countertops to the fridge and then to the stove when preparing a meal. If your appliances are located far away from each other, then it can make this process difficult. You have to repeatedly stop what you’re doing to go across the room and use what you need. Rearrange your appliances so that they’re located just a few feet from each other to make cooking meals easier.

Install More Outlets

Just about everything you use in the kitchen runs on electricity. Not having enough outlets in the kitchen can, therefore, present a challenge. Having to use tons of power strips or alternate which devices are plugged in is a pain. It would be best to simply have more outlets installed. A pop up countertop outlet is the best option for plugging in all of your kitchen appliances. They also minimize the number of cords running across the floor so that everyone stays safe.

Add More Storage

No matter what size your kitchen is, there are hacks and tricks to maximize your storage space. If you have a larger kitchen, of course, you could do things like have more cabinets installed. However, for those with small kitchens or tight budgets, there are other solutions. You can install floating shelves which don’t take up floor space but give you more storage. Another suggestion would be to use hooks. You can hang things like your pots and pans as well as your cooking utensils on them.

Invest in an Island

Limited counter space makes things like doing homework and preparing meals challenging. You can make your kitchen more functional by purchasing an island. Islands come in various sizes to accommodate your open floor space. Some designs even have cabinets built into it which provides you with more storage space. By adding a few stools around the island, you can quickly double the space as a homework desk for the kids.

Chalkboard Wall

The kitchen is where all members of the family congregate most often. That makes it the perfect place to leave notes, schedules, and other information. Instead of flooding your refrigerator with unnecessary papers and magnets, you could make one of your kitchen walls into a chalkboard wall. A bit of chalkboard paint and a few pieces of chalk and you guys can easily communicate. Leave notes for the kids after school, spread a motivational message of love, write down what you need from the grocery store, jot down a recipe, and even allow the kids to doodle on it while they keep you company in the kitchen.

Start an Herbal Garden

Fresh herbs are essential ingredients for many recipes. Starting a meal and realizing you’ve run out of the herbs you need is a pain. That means improvising or making a quick trip to the grocery store. Planting an herb garden in the kitchen, however, eliminates all of that. You’ll have all the herbs you need right there from a fresh source. Not to mention, it also adds aesthetic appeal to the space.

Families really do use their kitchens for just about everything. You can enjoy an afterschool snack, finish up homework, prepare a home-cooked meal, and even wash laundry in your kitchen. Yet things like clutter, limited counter space, inadequate storage space, and poor layout cause a lot of confusion in the kitchen. The above suggestions will help to eliminate some of the obstacles making a kitchen that is just as attractive as it is functional.

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